About Charlotte


Hi, my name is Charlotte. I am a pen name used to write naughty stories and articles about kinky sex. I’m also Clara’s out of character voice so she can always stay in character.

If you’d like to contact me, please use the comments section below or send an email to ChalotteGatto at Gmail dot com.

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SLlogoCharlotte Gatto is the pen name I use for the stories and anything that isn’t in Clara’s Diary. In other words they are a mix of fact, fiction and fantasy. (The guest posts, all comments, and interviews are completely real. I contacted Claire Thompson and Chloe Camilla and the articles were read and approved by them before I published to my website.)

Okay, that’s enough of real life  – which is wonderful and amazing and perfect, by the way. I don’t use Second Life as a replacement for my real life. It’s just like watching a movie but it’s a movie where I get to control one of the characters.

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