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Clara Woodford is a fictional character I play on Second Life. She’s very sweet but far too naive and just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. I have a great deal of fun with her! It’s sort of like LARP, role play, improv theater, acting, or writing a story with other people. I log on to Second Life as Clara and interact with people there. I control what she does and says but I have no control over the other peoples’ avatars. I then write up her experiences on this website, imagining that she is writing in her dairy. Most of the diary entries are completely true to what happened to Clara; if it hasn’t happened in SL I won’t write it up in her diary (although her memory isn’t perfect and some events may be forgotten or recorded differently from the way they actually happened). But that’s why there are some times when Clara doesn’t remember things or she suddenly feels tired and needs to go to bed or she’s dizzy and passes out from an emotional-overload. It’s because in real life I had to log off and wasn’t able to finish the scene.

Edit April 2017: As Clara’s story has developed, I have become more and more creative with writing up her diary entries. I still use the SL role-play scenes as inspiration for the diary posts but I tend to modify them quite a lot so that they read more like a novel.

The backstories are different and I tend to make them up as I go along. The characters really were a part of Clara’s life and I interacted with people who had those avatar names. Some are still active on SL; others aren’t. But those entries in Clara’s Diary are just loosely based on our SL interactions rather than a faithful account of everything that happened.

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Charlotte Gatto is the pen name I use for anything that isn’t in Clara’s Diary. I want Clara to be able to remain in character so my Facebook and Twitter account, erotic stories, and novel are all under Charlotte’s name. Everything written by Charlotte is a mix of fact, fiction and fantasy, except the guest posts, all comments, and interviews which are completely real. I contacted Claire Thompson and Chloe Camilla and the articles were read and approved by them before I published to my website.

Basically, when Charlotte is talking, it’s me; when Clara is speaking I am acting a role. Therefore, if you want to interact with me, call me Charlotte. If you want to role-play, ask for Clara.


To contact me please post a comment below, use the form under the Contact tab, or send an email to CharlotteGatto at gmail dot com. You can also chat or role-play with me on Second Life. Just do a search for Clara Woodford and send me an IM.

This Site is for Adults Only. If you are under 18 please leave now. If you are offended by erotic images, nudity, stories about sex, depictions of graphic sexual activity, please leave now.

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  1. J. Michael Storm says:

    Hello Clara…

    I noticed you did a review for a non-consent novel entitled, HUNTED. I have also written a non-consent novel (extremely dark), entitled, The Taming of Jenesa. I’ve given you my website below which has detailed information about the novel, including a Youtube book trailer.

    Although the material within is extremely dark and shocking, I believe my prose and story line are exceptional and for the right people, would be very enjoyable.

    Thank you for your time…


    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Michael,

      Your book sounds very interesting; I very much enjoy extremely dark non-cons! (Although in light of what’s happening in the news at the moment regarding a recent rape trial, I will add that I enjoy non-con erotica because it is a fantasy and is not real. Being forced to do anything sexual against one’s will or while passed out is not sexy and not okay.)

      But back to your book. I will check it out and if the blurb entices me to do so, I’ll read and review it. Certainly, a well-written non-consent story with an excellent plot is not always easy to come by!

      Have you seen my novella, Party Games?

  2. J. Michael Storm says:

    Clara –
    Here is a preview for you… A taste of what you’ll find!


    The hand with the bra went to his stiffened cock, the other slid slowly down Keri’s back, massaging it, feeling the smooth supple skin, gently but firmly working it with his fingertips. His cock stiffened more, he felt aroused like he hadn’t in a long time. Goddamnit Tina Faye Nelson! Increasing the pressure of his fingertips, he closed his eyes and freed his mind to bring him thoughts of the young, pretty, petite and innocent virgin. Keri moaned.
    Slowly he lowered his hand down Keri’s back, gently gliding, rubbing, down to her ass, grabbing first one side, then the other, sliding a finger in between her firm cheeks, going lower and lower, then finding that tight hole that rocketed Keri to rapture like nothing else.
    With two fingers he parted her, and with a third, he traveled lightly around the exterior. Keri’s moans increased, and when he took that third finger and nuzzled it gently directly center of the small hole, she sighed her pleasure and raised her ass high, willing the slender probe to explore inside, whimpering her disappointment at its slow, teasing pace.
    He turned her over and she saw the bra.
    “Mmm,” she purred, taking it and placing the ill-fitting garment across her expansive chest.
    Bobby offered her his cock. “Soak it.”
    Instantly she swallowed it whole, sucking loudly as she tossed the bra aside. She disgorged him from her throat and spit on it, the saliva dangling in strings from the head. She forced it whole again into her and worked the shaft with one hand, with the other massaging his smooth sizable balls.
    He grabbed her hair from both sides of her head and thrust his hips forward, face-fucking her with short, hard pumps which she willingly and expertly accommodated. Pulling her off of his cock he roughly flipped her on her hands and knees and both hands forced open her ass cheeks. He spit on the tiny hole he had just been finger-teasing, grabbing himself with one hand and rubbing the wet head of his penis against her ass. Keri’s breathing intensified.
    He adjusted his height on his knees and slowly pushed forward, forcing the head into her ass. Keri lifted her head and let out a single deep moan that echoed through the high ceiling room. She smiled widely, almost laughing in anticipation of the act that had as yet been denied her by this man.
    “Oh god, oh god, please do it, please do it, please, please, please, please baby, please make it happen this time.” She wailed with painfully desperate desire.
    He slowly, evenly thrust his hips forward and fully one half of his nine inches disappeared inside. In timing with the amount of penetration, Keri expelled groans which grew in intensity and volume.
    He pushed farther, her body tensed and stiffened, she screwed her eyes shut, gnashed her teeth and grabbed great handfuls of her pillow as her body struggled to engulf the long, thick invader. He hit full home as the base of his cock met her quivering ass. Keri let out one long wailing groan.
    He backed out a few inches and slowly pushed in again. He did this repeatedly, over and over and over, each time increasing the speed, and each time Keri’s cries of taboo pleasure were louder than the previous.
    Reaching around he pawed her flopping breasts, fingering the nipples. He changed his speed now, backing out a few inches and then slowly pushing full inside once more. His right hand slid down and he massaged her fat clit and warm pussy before grabbing it and kneading it inside his hand. It took only seconds before he felt the expected explosion of perfumed wetness as his sex-mad wife squirted heavily.
    Keri raised her head and looked back at him, brows furrowed, eyes half closed, drunk with sex. She bucked her ass up and down in a steady intense rhythm, and tightened that beautiful hole that surrounded him.
    Now it was his turn to howl in unabashed ecstasy.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hmmm. Isn’t it a bit rude to post an excerpt from your book on someone else’s blog? I would have asked first.

      You said your book is non-con. In this excerpt everyone seems to be having a great time and enjoying themselves!

      How do the characters feel about what is going on? Descriptions of sex, however well-written, detailed, or kinky, never interest or excite me as much as the details of how the people feel. I need to know what’s going on in their heads, not just their bodies.

        • Charlotte says:

          And who won? I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

          Does the mobi version of your book have a sample like the kindle versions do so you can start reading before committing to buying? The excerpt you posted above doesn’t seem very non-con and if it’s not non-con there has to be some other lure to make me want to read it.

  3. J. Michael Storm says:

    Try… Tell me what you’re thoughts were and what was going through your head… Do you not know what to say because it was too much for you to handle, or do you not know what to say because you were so turned on and you feel guilty…??

    • Charlotte says:

      Okay, I’ll try. It wasn’t too much to handle and I never feel guilty for being too turned on! But the scene just didn’t do it for me. It’s so difficult to explain exactly what works and what doesn’t; some people just get it and when that happens it’s delicious. I feel very uncomfortable criticizing anyone’s work which is why I only write reviews for books I love. I’m sorry, like I said, I really don’t know what to say!

      I love meeting authors and reading their books and talking about their work with them. It’s fascinating to know a little about the person who creates the characters that come alive in my mind as I read. Some people write about their own experiences and what turns them on, while others are amazingly good at writing things they have researched but never actually experienced first hand and wouldn’t want to. What is your motivation?

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