Clara’s Diary – The Novel

I’m preparing to publish Clara’s Diary as a book which will include heavily edited posts from the online diary here plus many previously unpublished entries. I’ll edit this page with updates to the project as they happen. Feel free to post any comments or questions below, on Twitter, or on Facebook. If there is a subject, memory, or something you’d like to see included in the book just let me know. If I like it, I’ll write about it!

Edit Sept 2017:

I’m making some changes to my initial idea. Clara’s Diary will be published as a series of novellas starting from the day she arrives at the Gentleman’s Retreat and following her experiences as she struggles to understand and cope with everything that happens to her. The first book is called Captured and runs from the fateful day she wanders on to private property up until the time she meets Taun. A happy ending, perhaps? Yes and no…

Bonus diary included in the series and not published on the blog:

  • Clara remembers her first boyfriend and losing her virginity
  • She reminisces about her childhood; the reader will learn why she is confused about sex and so easy to manipulate
  • How Clara arrived at the Retreat and became a prisoner there
  • Her first encounter with one of the Gentlemen at the Retreat
  • Jobs the girls are given when they’re not serving the Gentlemen (who do you think picks up all the discarded clothing, does the dusting, tends the gardens, washes the floors and bed sheets etc?)

Cover art:

Clara's Diary Part One


When Clara Woodford gives in to her temptation to swim in a stranger’s pool, she doesn’t realize that will be her last moment of freedom. Held captive at The Gentleman’s Retreat, subject to the carnal whims of its members, she learns the many ways her body can give and receive pleasure. She fears the men who use her, but even more, she fears the way she responds to their abuse. If she surrenders to her perverse excitement, then she becomes nothing more than their plaything. Clara wants more. She deserves love. When one gentleman takes her home, she thinks her prayers have been answered, but although he treats her well, something is missing. Why does she still dream of The Retreat? Can she ever find happiness, love and sexual satisfaction with the same man?

A little More:

Clara stood mesmerized by the reflection of the scorching sun as it sparkled and shone on the water of the outdoor swimming pool. Just a quick dip. It would feel so good, be so incredibly refreshing. It was the middle of the day and there was no one around so nobody would mind or even notice. She stripped down to her underwear and slid into the pool, letting out a sigh of pleasure as the water instantly cooled her body.

Mr. Negulesco watched the young girl hesitate, then finally give in. He smiled. He liked it when girls gave in. Although he preferred it when they fought hard first, begging, crying, and screaming until they realized it was no use – and then they gave in. Should he offer her a job, tell her she was under arrest for trespassing, or just inform her she wouldn’t be leaving after her swim? He was very much looking forward to playing with her mind and then her body.

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