Fatal Tease

Second LIfe Erotic Stories Naked Woman Bed

I stand in the shadows, watching her sleep. She has kicked off the bed sheets and my eyes devour her naked flesh.

She stirs and I tense, ready to withdraw. She simply sighs in her sleep and turns over. I sigh too.

I dare not move closer although I want to so badly. I want to touch, kiss, take her…

Such sweet torture, to return each night and see what I can never have.


The soft click of the door wakes me.

I feign sleep.

Such fun to tease the poor man. But his attentions excite me; I want him. Tonight I will ‘wake’ and beg his touch.


I stand in the shadows, tonight as every night, watching her sleep. But tonight is not as every night. Tonight will be the last night.

I take one last look, the gun at my temple. I wonder if she will sleep through what she has driven me to.


My eyes open slowly to look at him.

Shocked, gasping, trembling, I reach out my hand.

I stare at the man and his gun. He stares back at me. But neither of us move.


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  1. Trond says:

    Pretty strong stuff. Sort of reminded me of two different memories in my life. First, a cousin of mine who apparently liked that I looked at her when we were in our teens. She would pretend that she didn’t know I was there when she changed, and leave the door open while showering etc.

    The second memory (when I was about 23, but still a virgin) was with a stripper I was in love with. I visited her club regularly for about a year. I could look at her as much as I wanted but I couldn’t really touch her. She was actually a great erotic dancer, and the classiest stripper I have ever known; think a slightly curvier Audrey Hepburn, and there you have her. She would spend a lot of time with me in the club even on days when I couldn’t pay much. We got pretty close in some ways. We would share personal stories, and she even showed me photos of her young son. I remember one warm evening, I had a lap-dance with her in a private enclosure, and she was sweating a bit. Afterward, she sat down naked on my thigh and asked if it was OK if she cooled down for a bit. We were talking quietly while I was stroking her hair. I was already smitten with this attractive girl on my lap, and having never been intimate with a woman, I was even more fascinated that she was completely nude. I became a bit obsessed with her, although I knew I couldn’t have her. She had told me that she would try to make things work again with the father of her child, who lived in Sweden. I don’t think she realized how devastated I was when she quit the club a few months later. I guess I was a bit too lonely for my own good in those days, so it was as if the world had completely lost its magic and turned into a nasty gray place. Luckily, I met my wife not too long after that.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Trond, thanks for commenting! The emotions we experience when longing for someone we cannot have are extremely strong. And I love strong emotions.

      How did you find out that she knew you were watching her and that she was leaving the door open on purpose? Did she tell you? If so, it was brave of her to admit that.

      Your tale about the stripper is very moving and could be the inspiration for a beautiful love story! Luckily it ended well for you and you met your wife. Do you know what happened to the stripper though? You probably never knew her real, full name, so it would be hard to find out. I hope things worked out for her.

      • Trond says:

        About my cousin, I didn’t realize that she did those things on purpose until I thought about it years later. Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but she did tease me openly at least once (she once went my past my bed in a bathing suit, giggled and said something like “oh no! you’re not going to make the bed all sticky now, are you?”). After she got children, she became so “proper” that almost didn’t recognize her.

        About the stripper, I knew her first and middle names, and lots of other things about her. There is something that I am not terribly proud of. From what I knew, I managed to look up her full name and address, and I sent her a letter shortly after she left. I knew that strippers don’t want the customers to do that kind of thing, and I hope I didn’t make her uncomfortable, but at the time I felt like I couldn’t live with the fact that she didn’t even have my email if she ever wanted to contact me, so I sent her my contact info. I didn’t expect to hear from her, and I never did. Another stripper who knew her told me that the letter was probably not a good idea, in case her boyfriend opened it, but she also said that she felt that her friend probably let me get far too close and personal. Everyone knew she liked me, even the bouncer. The same girl also later gave me a bit info on how she’s doing. Last I heard (many years ago), she and her son were doing well, and she has a nice job, but I am not so sure if things worked out with her ex.

        • Charlotte says:

          I don’t blame you for trying to get in contact with the stripper. I think I would have done the same thing. It’s a shame that she didn’t reply but it’s understandable and of course, if it was a snail mail letter you sent, she may even never have actually received it.

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