Favorite Men of Second Life

Since joining Second Life in 2008 I have met some extremely impressive and interesting people and enjoyed their exciting role-plays and fun out of character conversations. These skilled role-players have weaved thrilling story lines with fascinating personas and the characters have come alive for me and stay with me even when I’m not logged on. I usually have no idea who the people behind the avatars really are or what they look like in real life and I have no desire to know as that would spoil some of the magic and fantasy. All I know of them is what they choose to portray through their avatars and their role-playing and how they interact with me when we are out of character.

This page is a Big Thank You to these men for having such a profound affect on my Second Life and for helping to make it so incredibly enjoyable. It is also a place for me to be able to gush about them out of character, because sometimes I need that!


Please note that I have met some talented role-players on Second Life who aren’t on this list and that doesn’t mean I don’t think highly of them. It doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy our role-plays or that I think they are not interesting or impressive in real life. It just means that for one reason or another they haven’t had such an affect on me as the men mentioned on this page.


Favorite Men (in order of their appearance in my SL)

(Buzz DeCuir)

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BrenBren (Bren Quandry)

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mr-negulescoMr. Negulesco (Carlo Negulesco)

The man who created the character of Mr. Negulesco also created and runs (very skillfully too, I might add) The Gentleman’s Retreat role-play sim in SL and I am extremely grateful to him for that because I have incredible fun there. I am also completely, utterly and totally addicted to his RPs! He is deliciously unpredictable and poor little Clara has no idea whether he will be kind or cruel to her. What I always know, however, is that he will play with her mind and body, manipulating her into doing, being and saying exactly what he wants. Teasing and confusing her until she can’t take any more and she screams out in pain or in pleasure, or until she collapses in a pool of her tears or her ecstasy. Or all of the above. Then, just when she has readjusted her opinion of him and when she thinks she finally understands what he wants of her and how she should behave around him, the next time she sees him he will be the complete opposite and she will realize that she actually hates the man she thought she adored or that she adores the man she was convinced she hated.

I don’t even call Mr. Negulesco by his first name when we’re out of character. I just can’t, for some reason; it doesn’t feel right. Maybe because the man behind the avatar is never really OOC even when chatting in IMs. Or because the way Clara met him and became a prisoner at The Retreat was completely IC. Or because I know nothing about him in RL and so the image I have of him in my mind is so similar to the character he portrays in RP that I am just a tiny bit scared and in awe of him even OOC. (That may sound very silly, but I enjoy the feeling so I don’t care.) Whatever the reason, I am very impressed with the way he keeps the magic alive even when OOC while simultaneously making it very clear that he – the man behind the avatar – respects the people he RPs with.

I first met Mr. Negulesco when I was teleporting Clara around different RP sims on SL trying to find a place which appealed to me. It can be extremely difficult to find capture RP sims with good quality RPing and attractive scenery. There are many places on SL to RP rape and forced sex but they are often based in ugly surroundings like a run-down street and there is no continuity to the storylines; you have to start from the beginning of the story each time and pretend that yes, yet again you are walking down the street because you missed your bus/lost your car keys/wanted to walk home despite it being a dangerous part of town. I got bored of starting over and over again; I wanted Clara’s character to develop and change as she experienced what happened to her each time. Just like in RL.

I TPed Clara to The Gentleman’s Retreat and started to look around. There were no avatars there which was a disappointment but is unfortunately very usual for a lot of RP sims. It was a pretty place though and at the time there was a lovely swimming pool in front of the mansion with very realistic water. I was staring at the water and thinking about where to go next when I heard a deep, masculine voice addressing me. Okay, I know I didn’t actually, really hear the voice but that’s exactly how I remember it. Mr. Negulesco had appeared from behind me and I hadn’t seen the avatar arriving until I saw what he had typed. He was emoting and speaking IC which thrilled me because so often I would go to a RP sim and before I could start RPing I would be asked lots of OOC questions which completely breaks the mood. Read my profile if you want to know what I like or don’t like!

Mr. Negulsco was extremely kind to Clara at first. He was the perfect gentleman, offering her a drink on that hot, sunny day and not even getting angry at her for trespassing on his land. I won’t tell you any more of what happened on their first encounter because I intend on writing a diary entry about it but suffice it to say he somehow got her to willingly agree to stay at the Retreat and it wasn’t until much, much later that she realized what living there would involve and that she would have no way of leaving. Once I have written that diary entry, you can find it here. In the meantime, here is another one.


taunTaun (Tauncel Badger)

Oh, Taun! Clara is in deep with this one. It’s a very, very different relationship than the one she has with Mr. Negulesco although there are certain similarities such as the way she desperately wants him to like her and how she strives so hard to please him. She really likes him because he is one of the rare men she has met at the Retreat who treats her well. She trusts him and knows that she is safe when she is with him. He will push her to her limits and make her do things she doesn’t think she can cope with but somehow he knows her much better than she knows herself and he has never pushed her too far. But that is precisely why she is so mixed up about her feelings with Taun. (And one of the reasons I enjoy their relationship and the RPs; I love the struggle within Clara as her body fights with her brain.) Most of the men at the Retreat are cruel and hurt her but Taun, while sometimes being rough, is never cruel and doesn’t really hurt her. She actually enjoys what he does to her. He makes her feels so good! And she feels extremely guilty and terribly confused about this; she shouldn’t like it, shouldn’t want it, shouldn’t enjoy it that much. She is convinced that she is not that sort of girl and then she begins to fear Taun and the way she thinks he is changing her, scared that he is making her into the very type of girl she is so sure she would never become.

But she can never dislike him too much; he is just too kind to her and too much of a gentleman with her. She likes him as a person and admires him. She is so grateful to him that he has taken her to be with him at his home. She loves that he treats her with respect and kindness while at the same time letting her know that she cannot get away with any of her tricks; he will keep her in her place and she is safe, secure and comfortable there. She is just afraid enough of him to respect and obey him but not so terrified that she wants to run away. He confuses her sometimes with the rules he has at his house because she is not used to having a safe word or knowing that there are some rooms she is allowed to act differently in. I enjoy these differences in the RP because it softens Clara up so that when she goes back to the Retreat (either by mysterious kidnapping or some other storyline that explains why she would be there again) she is even more vulnerable to and affected by the cruelty of the men who laugh at the idea of a safe word and do what they want to her whether she likes it or not.

Clara met Taun at The Gentleman’s Retreat (their first encounter is here). He confused her at first, as indeed he still does at times, because he is not at all like the other men. He is neither cold and cruel, nor warm and kind. Most of the men Clara has met in her life have been either puppy dogs or wolves. Taun is neither so soft that she can get away with anything not is he so cruel as to be heartless; he doesn’t enjoy her suffering but he uses it sometimes to help her learn herself. I don’t like the terms Master, Slave, Dominant, Submissive etc., especially on SL, because I find they are often terribly misused. But Taun is perhaps one of the few real Masters. This made it very difficult for Clara to read Taun and, despite asking him, she didn’t understand what he wanted from her. But, after a few meetings he made a deal with Mr. Negulesco and took her to his private home to help her learn to cope with the way the men treat her at the Retreat. This made her very happy, of course, because she had finally escaped. But it is isn’t as simple as that. She doesn’t understand why, if Taun likes her, he won’t buy her. She doesn’t want to be bought anyway because she’s not a pet but, doesn’t he like her enough to buy her rather than just keep paying Mr. Negulesco for her “private use”? And, worst of all, if Taun succeeds in his mission of helping her, then won’t she start to like the awful men at the Retreat and what they do to her?

Out of character, I really enjoy chatting with the man behind the avatar. He’s funny, intelligent, respectful, kind and sincere. Mix that with his excellent typing skills and imagination and you have incredible RP scenes!


Version 2And although Mr. Kozlov (Aslan Kozlov) isn’t strictly on the list because I’ve only RPed with him a couple times, I enjoyed our RPs together so incredibly much that I can’t not mention him. If I get my wish and have more scenes with him in the future, I am sure I’ll be able to move him up so that he is part of my official list.

To date, we’ve only had two scenes but one of those was one of my favorite RPs so far in SL. I absolutely loved the way he played with Clara’s mind and brought out such strong emotions in her. He was so cruel! Read the diary entry here. Obviously, Clara hated the way things turned out for her on that day; I enjoyed myself immensely and I hope to have the opportunity to find out what happens when these two meet again. She will be terrified to see him; I will be thrilled.

Update April 2017: I’ve now RPed with the man behind the avatar of Mr. Kozlov many times. (Just like Mr. Negulesco, I can’t bring myself to use his first name, even out of character.) He always seems to bring to the RP scene a delicious and intoxicating mix of emotional and physical cruelty and it’s just so amazing! Whether he is tricking, seducing, or forcing Clara to do what he wants he always controls her completely and she absolutely hates the fact that she is powerless to do anything about it. Whatever he wants from her, and however he wants to get it, will be the way it is. She is terrified of the pain and humiliation she knows a night with him will mean but – perhaps even more terrifying for her – is the slow realization that even if she could physically run away from him she might not be able to do it. A small, tiny, buried-deep-within part of her may just make her stay right where she is. Just in case he doesn’t hurt her this time. Just in case he makes her feel so, so good…


N.B. I would hope the following is obvious: I love role-playing scenes where the men are cruel and Clara gets hurt emotionally and physically. I enjoy it because it is not real. I enjoy it because it is fantasy. I enjoy it because no one is getting hurt in real life. I would not enjoy it if it were real. I do not think that women should be treated this way.

For example: You ride in a roller coaster. It’s exhilarating. The speed, the sudden changes in direction, the unpredictable dips and jumps. You scream and hold on tightly, your heart pounding in your chest. You are scared, maybe even terrified. But you know that you are safe; you know it’s just a ride and that you won’t crash and you won’t die. You are free to enjoy the heightened emotions you get from the fear without the actual, real danger that would be involved if you were to drive that erratically in a car on the road.

Or you can drive that erratically in a car on the road. Maybe you would get the same thrills but you would probably kill yourself or someone else.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying riding a roller coaster. There is something very wrong with enjoying driving a car in a way that is likely to kill someone.

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