Happy New Year!

Xmas Tree SnowI hope you have had a wonderful first day of the New Year, my dear diary! I had a perfect night last night. No one disturbed me and nothing happened. Ideal! I went to bed early and had a restful night’s sleep and then today I have just been taking it easy, wandering around the house trying not to wake anyone up. And of course I’ve had lots of lovely time to play with my website so I’ve been adding a few more pages to the Extras tab.

Okay, I should probably go and see if there’s anyone around now or I may get in trouble. Besides, the men I’ve met recently have been so sweet and kind to me that I almost don’t mind what they ask – well, tell, really – me to do.

For example, the other night I met a man who said his name is Taun. I may be spelling that wrong but that’s how I imagine it is spelled. I hope (yes!) that I’ll see him again and if I do I’ll ask him how he spells his name.

Anyway, I’d just had a nasty surprise when I sat on Santa’s lap…

Oh, hang on, this is turning onto a story about someone I met so I think I’ll actually start a new diary entry.

See you on the next page!

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