Have You Told?

iStock_000010630756_SmallDo you tell your friends and lovers, or are your sexual fantasies a secret?

It’s odd, when you think about it. There are many popular movies and books which depict scenes of extreme violence and no one who enjoys watching or reading them would ever feel embarrassed to admit it. Nor would those people say that they actually want to commit such violent acts in real life (hopefully anyway). Yet, if we say we like pretending to rape or be raped people get extremely upset. They say we shouldn’t like that and, if we do, there’s obviously something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. Something must have happened in childhood to cause such a terrible addiction.

So violence is okay as long as everyone is fully clothed and no one is having sex?

I suppose it’s because it’s sex that people are shocked. Society is far too prudish sometimes.

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  1. BB says:

    Charlotte, your post highlights one of the great dilemas. This subject is impossible to discuss in polite company, which makes it difficult to determine how common such tastes are in the general population. My working assumption is that force fantasies are overwhelmingly more common in the male population than the female population. This is catered to by the porn industry, the consumers of which are almost entirely men. However, the existence of the “force” porn deceives us into beleiving that there are women out there who are into this type of thing. To date, I haven’t found any in the real world. And, if you can’t really discuss this openly without being cruxified, how will we ever know.? I think that the type of anonymous forum that you provide is a step in the right direction…

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi BB, thank you for posting! I would be very pleased indeed if this blog is useful in the way you describe, as well as just being entertaining!

      I am very surprised to hear that you find the force fantasy to be much more common among men; I always thought it was far more popular with women. I have met many, many girls who say that they are very much into the idea of being taken by force during role play or in their fantasies. Also, when I role play on Second Life there are always far more female avatars than male although that could just mean that more women than men prefer cyber role play. The men are watching porn!

  2. Bren says:

    Oddly, Charlotte, the only one I have told of my proclivities is a strange woman I met on Second Life… I have enjoyed sharing my experiences and fantasies with her. Fortunately, she and I are both happily married. My wife has no idea of my desires. I imagine that it would not be accepted.

    The nice thing about my “friend” is that we actually share a great deal more than just our fantasies. In SL, we RP and have a great deal of fun. Through YM or texting, we share stories of all sorts of natures. Occasionally, we have even spoken via telephone, and once we met. None of these interactions have diminished the RP nor the intensity of the stories. Perhaps she and I will meet one day to actually act out the fantasies in RT.

    • Charlotte says:

      Isn’t Second Life a fun place! I have met some really interesting people there (although I am not sure I would feel comfortable meeting any of them in real life…)

      Most of my interaction on Second Life is role play and story telling. I find that if I just chat with people it can spoil the role play when the big, bad bully turns out to be a really nice, sweet young man!

  3. Laverne Saint says:

    Helping people really feels good, and our way of helping people out is by making our very own confessions website which helps people praise what they’ve been keeping inside without the risk of letting the people involved know.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Laverne, thank you for posting! Your site is an interesting one and I agree that it can be very therapeutic to talk about what’s on one’s mind.

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