Second Life

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Innocent, harmless fun. I couldn’t fall asleep so why not day dream a little? I couldn’t actually log on to Second Life so why not imagine I was there?

Lying in bed, I let my body relax completely. I breathed in and out, slowly, deeply. Then I pictured the landing area, the path where I always arrive when I teleport into the Gentleman’s Retreat.

I could almost hear the gravel crunch under my feet as I landed on the little pathway that leads up to the house. Inhaling, I could smell the pleasant evening air, fragrant with blossoms from the nearby trees. I smiled to myself, lying there in my bed, because it was like I really could see the mansion ahead of me. It looked just the same as it had on my computer screen an hour before.

So real. I marveled at the power of my imagination!

Wondering if the inside of the house would be as easy to conjure up in my mind as the gardens, I started to walk along the path. A movement caught my eye and I looked to the right and grinned as I saw the little swing in the distance, rocking back and forth as always.

Reaching the house I climbed the seven small steps and stopped just in front of that big double door. I paused. It looked heavy. Would it would be as easy to open like this as it always was when I just clicked on it with my computer mouse?

I reached up and as my hand touched the door I paused, starring in astonishment at my skin and nails. They looked strange, almost plastic, smooth and perfect. I pushed on the door with my small, doll hands and heard it creek open.

Stepping cautiously into the large foyer I looked slowly around. Everything looked and sounded just as it usually does on my computer but now I could also feel the wooden floorboards under my bare feet and smell the delicious scent of the wood fire burning in the fireplace to my left and the heady aroma of alcohol as it drifted over from the bar on the right. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw no one was there. I hadn’t even thought about what I would have done if there had been other avatars standing around. How would they see me? Did I look like my avatar or did I look like myself?

Remembering the way my hands had looked, I quickly glanced down at my body. I wasn’t surprised to see the last outfit my avi had been wearing. A cute little pale blue mini skirt and very tight matching top; an outfit which barely covered my perky breasts, smooth stomach, and elegant legs. Okay, I looked like an avatar, but would I feel anything with this pixelated skin? I ran my fingers softly across my tummy and giggled. It ticked! I wiggled my shoulders and then jiggled my hips. I couldn’t resist a quick grope of my firm breasts, just out of curiosity, you understand. Oh yes, although I didn’t look human, I could definitely move, think and feel just like one.

A noise startled me and I spun around. A man – well, not really a man, but an extremely handsome avatar – was standing in the foyer looking at me.

“That was an interesting dance. Do they teach you that sort of thing here?”

His tone was flat and his facial expression completely impossible to read. I could hear him, could somehow understand what he was saying, but he didn’t move a muscle as he spoke.

I laughed, embarrassed. “Oh, thank you, well, it wasn’t really a dance, I was sort of, testing out my body…” I trailed off, not sure where I was going with that sentence.

The man nodded. “Come with me,” he ordered. His voice was deep and although I wasn’t used to being ordered around, something about this man commanded obedience. Besides, I reasoned, I was in a game so there was no real danger.

I followed him past the crackling fireplace and towards the back of the house. He stopped in front of the hot tub and, without looking at me, he said, “Get in.”

“Excuse me?” I tried to sound indignant, but the idea of relaxing in the bubbling, hot water sounded amazing.

“Take off your clothes and get into the tub.” He repeated his order as though I had not heard or understood the first time.

I thought about it for a moment. Here I was standing next to a breathtakingly gorgeous man who was telling me to get naked. Should I put up a fight, object to his orders, play coy, act offended?

Nah! I started to undress. I was just too curious and my mind raced at the thought of what could happen next.

I peeled off my flimsy skirt and top and then removed the skin-tight bra and panties. I tried not to be too perturbed when they vanished into thin air. I hoped I would be able to get them back when I needed them but I wasn’t going to let that thought concern me now. I paddled into the water – oh, it felt amazing! – and sat, watching the man, waiting to see what he would do next.

He was looking straight at me. His eyes were a very, very pale grey and they fixed mine with a gaze that froze me, despite the steaming heat of the water. He smiled, I think. It wasn’t a kind smile but it wasn’t a cruel sneer either.

Then it was my turn to stare. He began to undress. One by one, his clothes vanished from his body, just as mine had, and then I saw. Oh! Oh my! Ah…

He must have either seen or sensed my facial expression because he burst out laughing.

“I’m glad you are impressed. Perhaps you would care for a closer look?”

I gulped as he walked towards me and joined me in the bubbling water. He sat down next to me and, looking straight in front of us, said, “I’m waiting.”

My heart was beating really fast which was strange because I didn’t have one. What would happen if I didn’t obey him? What would happen if I did? I decided that my avatar body could feel everything and so I would much rather it felt pleasure than pain and therefore doing what I was told was probably a very good idea. And, also, I really kind of wanted to.

So, I moved around to face him and knelt in the water in front of him. The water lapped at his skin, around his thighs, as he sat motionless. I reached out with one hand and touched his unnervingly realistic cock which was standing up proudly and very ready.

I’m not sure how it happened, but the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees and that very impressive cock was in my mouth. My lips and tongue could feel him slide in and out as I moved my head rhythmically back and forth. It was as if I wasn’t controlling my body now, but I didn’t care; it was good!

Concentrating hard, I managed to take back control of my body and kneel again, his cock still impossibly large and hard in my mouth. I reached out, hoping to delicately cup his balls with my hand, when suddenly I was flipped over. I was now sitting with my back arched against the tub edge, my breasts thrust up and towards him, arms stretched out to either side, and head leaning back. I realized that my legs were spread wide and despite trying with all my mental and physical strength, I couldn’t close them.

I stared upwards, unable to move, but very able to feel and gasped as suddenly his mouth was on my breast, warm and wet, sucking the nipple in, teasing. His hand played with my other breast, pinching the nipple almost painfully then gently, soothingly stroking my skin until I heard my avatar whimper and he laughed again.

He knelt back on his heals in front of me and, staring through me with his almost translucent eyes, he said, “Tell me to stop.”

I moaned loudly as suddenly his fingers were making tiny circles around and over my clit. How did he even get his hand there that quickly? I shuddered as the pleasure began to mount and I knew that it wasn’t just the water that was wetting his fingers.

“Tell me to stop,” he repeated. “If you don’t, I will have you.”

I opened my mouth, trying to speak, but I could only gasp as he slid a finger into me and suddenly leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. It was as if he was sucking the breath out of me with his deep kiss while he unravelled my mind with his fingers, playing between my legs, dipping into my pussy, then teasing my clit, then plunging back deep inside of me.

I cried out as, suddenly, he changed positions and he was on top of me, cock pounding in and out, in and out, in and out, until every part of my body was dancing, flying, then exploding with the delicious pleasure that crashed through me. I could hear him breathing as deeply as I was and he began moving faster and faster until I heard him grunt and felt his body shudder as he shot into me.

We stayed joined for a few moments, rocking like that, until our breathing returned to normal.

Then we were sitting side by side in the hot tub once again, almost as if we hadn’t just had mind-blowingly good sex.

“Do you think you will miss it?”

His voice was that same deep, reverberating sound, absolutely devoid of all emotion and somehow intensely sexy and exciting.

“Miss what?” I looked straight ahead as I spoke to him. Was I able to move now? I didn’t have the strength to try; my whole body was still tingling from the incredible orgasm I had just had.

“Your old life, your real life?”

I tried to turn around to look at him, confused and a little concerned, but my body wouldn’t obey me. All I could do was remain staring ahead.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you to tell me to stop. I told you that if you didn’t tell me to stop, I would have you. You didn’t tell me to stop and so now I have you.”

My body filled with fear. I tried to get up. The sex had been amazing but now all I could think of was getting out of that house and back to my real bed in my real house in my real world.

Suddenly he was standing in front of me, still magnificently naked, still incredibly gorgeous and intoxicatingly powerful. I stared straight ahead, as before, trying desperately to move even just one tiny muscle in my body. I couldn’t.

His face was above my line of vision; I couldn’t see his eyes or his mouth. But somehow I knew there was a sexy, mischievous grin on those deliciously sensual lips and an adventurous twinkle in those orgasmically beautiful eyes.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.

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