John Norman’s Gor

john norman gorHave you heard of the Gor books written by John Norman? If so, what do you think of them – sexy or sexist? Many people find the Master/slave descriptions in the books very exciting; others see them as too extreme and unrealistic.

The concept of the thirty four books in the series is that men are born to dominate, women are born to serve, and it is only in these roles that each gender can be truly fulfilled. There are Free Women in the books, but it is made clear that each one secretly longs to be enslaved by a strong man (or at least, if she doesn’t long for it, when it does happen it makes her the happiest she has ever been in her life). There are slave men too but it is understood that they will fight to the death trying to regain their rightful freedom.

Could the ideals that John Norman describes really work or are they simply an erotic fantasy? Some people try and recreate the D/s lifestyle that is depicted in the books either online or in real life but what would happen if, for some inexplicable reason, we were all plunged into the Gorean world and lifestyle? Would everyone be joyously happy and lead wonderfully stress-free, fulfilled lives, as the author seems to suggest would be the case?

It would be fascinating to set up a real life experiment to find out. Take a few hundred willing volunteers, put them all together in one closed-off area, and then see what happens! Would the men slowly become more and more dominant and would the women naturally, happily and gracefully submit? I have my doubts…

I admit that I love the philosophy in the books, but I don’t agree that the lifestyle or ideals would work for everyone. A woman who enjoys giving up control and who loves to be dominated by a strong, powerful man, wouldn’t necessarily want to be owned by just any man, no matter how strong and powerful. And what if the woman is really intelligent and loves studying, reading and learning but her master keeps her as a sex slave purely for his sexual release. Or, what if the slave has a very high sex drive, finds the master incredibly good-looking, and wants nothing more than to be used by him ten times a day… and he uses her only as his cook? How could such a life be happy and fulfilling?

For me, the key is to find where you feel you belong and live there. I think that people are such varied and fascinating creatures and while it may well be that many women yearn to be owned by a strong man, not all do. And certainly, even those who do, probably wish to first choose the man to whom they submit and hand over complete control. In the same way, not all men wish to be dominant all the time and those who are naturally submissive, who are turned on by strong, powerful, forceful women would not be happy or satisfied if surrounded by sweet, submissive slave girls.

As much as I sometimes think that feminism can go too far, I am so grateful to have the option of choosing the type of relationship I can have. The lifestyle that John Norman writes about appeals to me in many ways but it would not, I believe, suit everyone. What does suit everyone is having the choice.

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  1. Trond says:

    I agree with you fully here. I think that as long as all options are open, people can choose to live as they please (assuming that they follow common laws preventing sex with minors etc). If this leads to some relationships in which one partner is clearly submissive, it is OK as long as that person has made the choice.

    I personally don’t feel an urge to make women submit completely to my will, but I do have a secret wish that I am afraid some women would find offensive. I guess I can admit it here: I wish I could have more than one woman. It’s not just that ‘general’ feel that many men have (i.e. that they wish they could sleep with more women), but also part of a situation I am currently in the middle of. My wife has very low sex drive, and she is uncomfortable when we have sex. I don’t want her to leave me, but now a very attractive woman who likes me has more than hinted that she is willing to give both of us a try, at least for a while. I was never lucky with women in the past so I could hardly believe it, but I don’t think my wife would ever agree.

    So I wonder how you would feel about being with a man who has another woman? Or, as an extreme hypothetical case, a man who has a whole harem of women?

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi again Trond. Thanks for your post!

      I have thought for a long time that a relationship with just one man and one women is possibly not the best, easiest or healthiest of couplings and I can see that there could be definite advantages to living with two men, or two women etc.

      In our society we are taught that if you really love someone you only have eyes for that person; true love is supposed to blind us to the charms of anyone else. Women, especially, are told right from the time they start listening to fairy tales, that prince charming will be so enamored by us that he won’t even see other women and that if our boyfriend or husband looks at someone else in the street, he clearly prefers her and doesn’t love us at all.

      I believe that it is possible to be deeply in love with one person and still really want to sleep with someone else. However, I also think that a situation such as the one you are describing can only work if it is either there from the beginning of the relationship or both parties have discussed it and are very happy with it. If, when I was single, I had met a man who already had an open marriage or who was living with a woman (or a whole harem of women) and they wanted me to join them, I would definitely have given it a shot. I love trying new things! But to completely change the dynamic of a marriage after several years is a different situation entirely. In any case, all women are different so what I would do is not necessarily what your wife would do!

      Good luck and please let me know what happens!

  2. Miranda says:

    I am more dominant than submissive by nature and can’t get into male dominant type situations except in a play type manner so I can’t get into those stories.

    Also by nature I am a slut.
    I crave many partners and always will.
    No single person can sex me, lust me, or love me in every single way I need.
    No single person can control or own me.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hello Miranda,

      I guess then you might be happy on Gor if you worked in a tavern. That way you would be used by many men on a very regular basis! Although of course you would still be owned by the tavern keeper and most if not all of the patrons would be dominant in nature.

      Thanks for your post!

  3. E-bike says:

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    • Charlotte says:

      This one is spam, but I just had to let it through. It sounds like an erotic sci-fi story about a war between aliens. One alien approaches another. Male or female, friend or foe? Oh, but those tats looks so scary! Warrior Alien Lindsay dares not get any closer. But, then she suddenly remembers to use her training in Gun First Basic! Poor Slave Alien isn’t so skilled in warfare so she has to try and escape by hiding behind the pen where all the Printer Ink Dogs are sleeping.

      Hee hee. More hilarious spam like this please! Well, actually, more real comments from real people would be even better 😉

        • Clara says:

          Ooh, that sounds like a fun challenge! I may well have to do it. I’m not sure science fiction is a genre I feel completely comfortable writing in but sometimes it’s a good exercise to push one’s limits and step out of one’s comfort zone…

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