Just One Little Bite

I bite my lip. It feels good.

Little nibbles. Soft nibbles. Just every now and then. When I’m nervous; when I’m concentrating; when I’m bored.

No harm, right? No real damage. It’ll heal.

It’s natural. Other people do it. I’ve seen them.

It just feels so nice. So comforting. Sort of like a socially acceptable thumb sucking.

I should probably stop. It can’t be good for me. Can’t be good for the skin.

But it feels so nice. So good.

So I keep biting.

Until it hurts. Until it bleeds.

Sharp pain. Dull throbbing.

So good. So relaxing. So comforting.

I can’t stop.

It hurts so much now. I must stop; must let it heal. If I stop biting now, it’ll heal more quickly. The damage isn’t too deep yet.

But now it hurts when I stop. A throbbing pain that only goes away when I bite down. So I do. Just lightly. Just enough to stop it hurting.

Then harder.

It hurts so much and feels so good.

I can’t stop. It feels too good.

I’m never going to be able to stop.

I try wearing lip gloss. I try chewing gum. But it doesn’t help. It’s there, always there. How can I resist a temptation that is always right there? So innocently, so conveniently, always just there?

Sleep. The only way I can resist is to be asleep.

The next morning my lip is swollen and painful.

I’m good all day. I resist.

The swelling has gone down by the evening. I’m exhausted after a long day. I sit at my computer. Alone at last. Free time at last.

Just one bite?

Just one, tiny, nibble.

Just one, okay? I promise it’ll just be one.


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  1. Joe says:

    An interesting post, and so tempting that I couldn’t help biting my lip as I read it. Fortunately, I manage to stop it when I started to bite the inner face of my cheek.

    Well, now talking seriously, I wonder why this gesture seems more common in women than men. Also, I’ve read two different interpretations: according to the first one, it would show shyness, insecurity; according to the second one, sexual desire. Of course, I prefer the second one. Imagine the blonde of Party Games picture, at some steps of distance, looking at your eyes as she bites lightly her lower lip. Who would think she is doing that because of shyness?

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Joe, thanks for commenting!

      The lip biting that I’m referring to in this post isn’t really the same type of thing that happens when someone is feeling turned on or shy. Although it’s true that it may look that way to anyone who see me do it. I hadn’t thought about that! My ability to control how much I bite my lip depends on what is happening around me and especially how much stress I am under. I do it when I’m bored too but if I catch myself in time I can more easily control it in those cases than I can when I am doing it because I am overly stressed.

      I had to drive someone to hospital a few months ago and I didn’t know the way there, I couldn’t get the correct address, I couldn’t make the GPS work and I was barely able to cope with the stress and worry. I knew I was biting my lip but I couldn’t help it. Once we were all home safe and sound and I knew everyone was going to be okay, I realized that my lip would take days to heal.

      The girl in Party Games does indeed bite her lip a few times, but in the sexy, shy, cute, coy way! As the story goes on though, so many different things are being done to her sweet little innocent body that she doesn’t have time to think about lip biting. Hmmm, maybe that’s my cure. Thanks, Joe!

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