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Hi Clara’s Diary,

Charlotte here, popping in to say a quick word about the “Inspirational Meditations” that I’ve been including recently.

I like to keep the diary entries completely in character and therefore each time one of these poems appears in a post I give credit in the comments to its author, Mr. Carlo Negulesco. That is obviously his Second Life avatar name but it is the real life man behind that avatar who writes the meditations. Anyway, I’m adding this post just in case anyone doesn’t see the comments.

And while I’m here, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the people behind the avatars I know only as Taun, Mr. Kozlov, and of course Mr. Negulesco himself. While I’m constantly trying to find other people to role-play with, I just keep coming back for more from you three because you are so completely addictive and incredible. Thank you.


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