Merry Christmas!

BDSM Dark erotic storiesHi Clara’s Diary,

Only a few more days until Christmas. Clara is back safe and sound with her beloved Taun and I think they will have a wonderful holiday together. She thinks she’s safe. She thinks she’s happy. She thinks she has everything she could possibly want and need…

And she probably does; Taun is a very amazing man.

But I wonder how long it will be before she gets that little itch again. Will she be able to control herself and behave like a good little girl? Or will she start to push Taun, just to see how far she can go and how much she can get away with? I have a funny feeling that if she’s not very careful she could easily end up back at the Retreat.

But don’t worry, I’m sure that even if she is very naughty or just very unlucky and gets kidnapped again or finds herself at the mercy of the men of the Gentlemen’s Retreat she will do whatever she can to find Taun again. And, as long as she hasn’t willingly run away from him, I think Taun will do whatever he can to get her back safe with him. I hope so. She likes him a lot. And I think he has a little bit of a sweet spot for her too.

So while Clara snuggles up close with Taun on Christmas Day I will be enjoying myself in real life. I hope you also have an excellent holiday season and may your kinkiest, wildest, sexiest dreams come true!




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