Message from SeaHawk!

noteI had such an amazingly wonderful surprise when I woke up this morning! There was a note lying beside my little bed. It took a few moments for my sleepy eyes to adjust and focus on it but then I saw the signature. It was from SeaHawk!!! I had been so worried and sad and depressed last night (and I’ll tell you all about last night in my next post) because I haven’t seen my SeaHawk in days. (Yes, there I go again, I know, I really shouldn’t say “my” SeaHawk or “my” Sir Liam but I just can’t help it.)

This is what the note said:

“You are such a lovely girl, and in need of someone to caress and be tender with you. I am seeking Mr Negulesco to make the deal, sweet girl.”

Can you believe it? Do you think SeaHawk will buy me and take me away from here? Oh my goodness, I thought he was just going to use me for a few days and then bring me back to the Retreat, but this note makes it seem as though he intends on taking me for longer. I really mustn’t get my hopes up though. I have to try and stay calm. I will settle my mind by writing about last night…

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