A Note from Spirit!

SpiritWell, thankfully, it would seem that even though the good stuff doesn’t last, neither does the bad stuff. After a strange but lovely dream about a fairy calling my name, I woke this morning to some wonderful and exciting news!

I was lying in the pens, as usual, but when I woke up I found a note on the floor beside me. It read:

“Dear Clara,

Your presence has been requested by Mister Tauncel Badger at the wooden cabin on the estate. Once you wake make yourself presentable and meet him asap.

Also when you have time, one of these days I really want to have a talk with you.

With Kind Regards,


It’s very exciting as I’ve never been called for like that before! I’m not really sure where this wooden cabin is; I’ll have to ask someone. It could mean the horrible little shack but I don’t think so. I’m really looking forward to speaking to Spirit, too. She’s so nice and such an interesting girl. I would love to know how she came to be here and how she feels about it. And it would be so good to talk to someone, like a friend, knowing that she won’t hurt me the way the men do. I will, of course, have to be careful of what I say to her because she’s Mr. Negulesco’s special girl and if I say anything about planning to run away I’m sure she’d have to tell him. But, we’ll see.

I can’t wait to go and find this cabin. Taun has been so good to me so far and I know that he could always turn out to be horrible but then why wouldn’t he have just been mean from the beginning? Why would he be wasting so much time being nice to me when he could have been doing bad things all this time? So, I have to presume that he is one of the kind ones and that he really does want to help me. I would prefer if he didn’t ask me to be topless each time I see him, of course, but that’s a small price to pay for not being hurt.

I will let you know, dear friend, what happens but now I must do as the note says, and I must quickly go and get ready and find Taun!

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