Party Games

A girl gets caught up in some very unusual entertainment. Ebook available from Sizzler and Amazon.

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Hoping to impress her new boyfriend, Stephanie agrees to attend a party with him despite her reservations about joining in the mysterious ‘party games’. Seduced by the beautiful Miranda’s soft and sensual touches she cannot resist when Simon, the striking party host, decides to join in and she finds herself doing things she had never even dreamed of before. But when she makes a mistake and breaks the rules, she quickly finds out that the game is not nearly as simple as she had been led to believe…

Excerpt One

I felt a hand slide around my tummy and begin to move slowly down toward my panties. My pulse quickened. If I didn’t react, in just a few moments a complete stranger would be touching my pussy. I didn’t know what to do. How could I stop him without bringing the whole game to an end for me? My head was whirling; my mind trying to stay in control and my body just wanting to let go and give in.

The hand continued to advance slowly, slowly. Maybe he would simply touch me over my panties… But I felt his fingers glide under my satin underwear. I will never know if they did it on purpose, but at the exact same moment as Miranda roughly pinched and twisted one of my nipples, the man suddenly slid two fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I gasped and moaned loudly, the almost-pain shot through me from my nipple and collided with the incredible pleasure darting from between my legs.

I felt the man’s fingers moving in and out of me, while Miranda continued to play with my breasts with her lips, tongue and fingers. My knees were beginning to collapse; I really just wanted to lie down. I hadn’t known anything could feel this amazing and it wasn’t slowing down.

I cried out loudly as the man found my clit with his thumb and began making quick, tiny movements at the same time as his fingers fucked me. As he did so he said, “Arch your back for me, good girl.” My mind had clicked off and was useless now; my body had taken over completely. I obeyed and pushed my ass back toward him, whimpering loudly as I did so.

“Oh no!” I heard Miranda’s yelp. Then there was no more tongue, no more lips or hands and no more fingers and thumb.


Excerpt Two

I tried to stay calm and repeated to myself that this was only a game; I wasn’t in any danger. Chris would look out for me. Wouldn’t he? But after hearing him deny that he was my boyfriend, and seeing Simon’s obvious power over everyone in the room, I wasn’t so sure.

“Shall we gag her too? It just looks so adorable seeing a girl bound and gagged. And I love the muffled cries and pleas for mercy!” It was the man with the sexy voice, although he now sounded much less sexy. My heart began to pound in my chest and I wished I could see his face to see if he was just joking or not. What were they planning on doing to me?

I heard Simon reply, “That’s a nice idea. Let’s see what Miranda thinks. She is having so many good ideas this evening.”

I could only guess Miranda’s expression and discomfort. Her voice confirmed that she felt miserable. “No, I don’t think she should be gagged. What if she really wants to tell us that she wants out?”

Simon replied, “It’s too late for that now. She has had ample chance to step away. She is in the game now until I decide it’s over. But you are right about the gag; we won’t use one for her. I prefer to hear her scream and beg.”

Now I was really scared. What had I gotten myself into? I remembered the look on Simon’s face as he had whipped me earlier in the evening. He clearly enjoyed it very much indeed and that was only a fairly gentle beating. I had to speak up, “Look, could someone just tell me that I’m going to be okay? I mean, I know this is a game and everything, but you’re actually scaring me now. Could you just reassure me that I’m not really going to get hurt, then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the game?”

I cried out in pain and surprise as a hand struck me across the face so hard I would have lost balance if the chain hadn’t been holding me up. I gasped when I realized that I had been slapped and I struggled, trying and of course failing to bring my bound hands to my face for protection.

Simon spoke angrily and I guessed it was he who had delivered the blow, “Relax and enjoy? You want to relax and enjoy the game? If you had wanted that you shouldn’t have made a mistake. But believe me when I tell you that most people in this room will be very relaxed and will very much enjoy watching you suffer. With the possible exception of Miranda who seems to have taken a liking to you. Oh and your little boyfriend too, of course.”

I heard Chris repeat impatiently under his breath, “I told you, she’s not my girlfriend…”

Now I was really frightened. This had gone too far. I wanted out now. Miranda was very sweet and I had thought that I really liked Chris, but they clearly had no say in anything that went on in this house and I was now terrified of Simon. I started to speak and as I went on my voice grew louder and louder and more full of panic, “Okay, untie me now and let me go. I want to leave. You have no right to keep me here and I want to leave right now. Untie me and let me go. NOW!”

I heard the whip whoosh through the air just a few seconds before it came into contact with the backs of my thighs. I screamed and my body jerked, the ribbons digging painfully into the skin of my wrists. My mind was whirling, the pain was so intense and I was terrified. But I had no time to protest. I felt a thick piece of cloth being shoved into my mouth and tied behind the back of my head.

I heard Simon speak to me, “I changed my mind sweetie, I think you will need the gag after all… ”


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