Physical Force vs. Psychological Force

Which is sexier?

You have your victim or willing slave tied up so that he or she cannot move. You can do whatever you like. You can whip, beat or spank; you can caress, lick or fuck; you can demand to be serviced or gag that sweet little mouth.


You have your victim or willing slave in the room with you. He or she can move and could even possibly leave. But your eyes, your words, your body language, your threats or your seduction makes the adorable creature stay and let you do absolutely anything you like.

Personally, I find both scenarios a huge turn on but I have to admit that I find the latter far more interesting. There is so much more you can do with it. Of course, if it’s possible to combine the two, even better:

She is tied up and defenseless at the start of the scene. He scares her, teases her, hurts her and uses her. And then he unties her and leaves the room. She waits, but he doesn’t return. She waits longer, still no sign of him. She nervously tries the door and it opens…

But she doesn’t leave. Maybe she is too terrified to try and run, knowing that he will hunt her down and when he finds her – and he will find her – her punishment will be too awful to imagine. Or perhaps he has stripped her naked and she has no idea where she is or how to get home. Or maybe she is too turned on by that point and even though she knows she should go, knows that he is just using her and that he will throw her away once he has tired of her, she somehow just cannot make her body walk through the door to freedom.

And then finally he returns. He sees her standing there, her cheeks still stained with the tears he brought her to, and he asks her why she didn’t leave. With a cruel smile he explains that the door was unlocked, she was perfectly free to leave had she wanted to, but since she is obviously so very keen to stay, they should waste no time in getting back to the fun.

And then he tells her to stand perfectly still. She is not to move a muscle or make a sound. He begins to touch her, whip her, kiss or fuck her telling her that if she so much as whimpers or moves even one finger, she will be punished. When, of course, she inevitably does move or moan he feigns annoyance and asks her what punishment she would choose. He makes sure that she “chooses” something extremely disagreeable to her and then he carries out the correction until he is satisfied she has learned her lesson and will be good from now on. Until the next time he tricks her into disobeying him, that is.

Such delicious mind games…

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  1. Trond says:

    Very interesting blog. I especially like this picture. If you like visuals I may have a bit of a recommendation for you: the sexy graphic novel “Indian Summer” by Hugo Pratt and Milo Manara. It contains some forced sex scenarios, and it is beautifully illustrated.

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Trond, thank you for posting!

      I’m glad you like the blog and the picture. I very much enjoy choosing the photos to go with each post. It’s not always easy to find a beautiful photo that illustrates the post well and also blends well with the general theme of the website, but I think that this one does both those admirably!

      I looked for Indian Summer on Amazon and it does look interesting (if I can break the rule and judge a book by its cover…), but the price tag is a bit off-putting and unfortunately there was no “look inside” option. I have several copies of The Bondage Fairies which, while also being graphic novels, are not quite the same thing I think. Although I have enjoyed reading them many times *grins*

      • Trond says:

        I guess I should also mention Serpieri’s series about Druuna. There is some strong stuff in there. Serpieri is one of the most talented artists who ever made comics/graphic novels, although I personally think Hugo Pratt is a better story-teller overall. Serpieri’s books have a strong appeal to men because of his talent for drawing voluptuous women. Not sure if women find his things appealing, but the main female protagonist (Druuna) has a tendency to get forced into having sexual encounters with everything from brutal men to some nasty monsters. The quality of the artwork is amazing, and I say this as someone who has been drawing quite a bit myself. Here is a sample:

        The first book is called “Morbus Gravis”. I think these books may be slightly altered for the North American market (rules being less strict in Europe).

        • Charlotte says:

          Interesting, thanks! I looked up Morbus Gravis on and it is certainly more affordable than Indian Summer. What I would need to see is how much focus there is on the characters’ emotions, and how detailed the drawings are of the eyes and face. It’s lovely to see attractive bodies (hence the beautiful photos on this site!) but what I also need is to know how the person is feeling. I like to see emotions – preferably strong ones – in the face and especially in the eyes of the characters in the story.

          • Trond says:

            Good point. I actually agree with you, and this may be where the series about Druuna falls a bit short. Serpieri (the artist) CAN do facial expressions very well (better than most actually) but it is quite possible that he does not emphasize it enough for your taste. When I read it, it is more as a “guilty pleasure” than anything else (though there were some good sci-fi ideas in the first book). And again, the artwork is amazing:
            (I kind of like the way she bites the pillow) 😉

            “Indian Summer” has much more intricate story, with a mix of history and religion as a backdrop. As far as I remember, the facial expressions are rendered very well. The whole story starts with a rape (which the girl may have enjoyed more than she admits) and this triggers a whole series of events, including unraveling cases of incest and starting a small war with the neighboring tribe of natives.

            • Charlotte says:

              I love those drawings! They don’t come up very large on my screen but I can get the general idea. I may well have to check that book out…

              Thank you for telling me about it!

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