SeaHawk (again!)

I have been having so much fun playing around with my website! It’s amazing that I’ve been allowed so much free time and that no one seems to mind me spending it online. But, you know, I’m not going to talk about that too much in case I jinks it!!!

I’ve been adding some new stuff to the Extras tab. I had a website a while ago and thanks, in part, to getting stuck here at the Gentleman’s Retreat, I haven’t been able to keep it up. It was quite a cool website and I’d done a lot of work with it at the beginning but life got really complicated (I must fill you in on all the details about Bren, Grizz, Utopia, Flame and the others. I promise I will some day soon!) and I just didn’t have the time or the energy to keep it going. But now I have more free time and I’m really excited to have a website again and put some of the old articles, interviews, stories and poems up. Of course, this one is mostly my dairy and I know that no one is really going to read all this but it helps me get my thoughts straight and it’s nice for me to have somewhere to keep my writing.

So anyway, I promised I would tell you more about SeaHawk. Yes, I saw him again and it was so wonderful!

I was hanging out in the cage with another girl who, like me, finds herself enslaved here and is not at all happy about it. I think she is even more scared and sad than I am if that’s possible! But maybe she was just having a bad day. I know that sometimes I get really down when I think about my situation too deeply but still, even so, there are good days too.

So, yes, I was chatting with this lovely girl whose name escapes me but I really should know because she is the very same girl I tried to help the other day when I met that awful Cody person. I’ll ask her again when I see her next time. She was really sweet and I thought it was so lovely that we were having a little bit of time to chat together but then, of course, a horrible man showed up and spoiled the whole evening. He was really mean to us and I soon realized that he knew the girl and he had come back to terrorize her again. He was going to bring me along too but then, oh yes! SeaHawk arrived and saved me!!! Well, it wasn’t really anything he did; the other man just said he’d leave me to SeaHawk (guess he thought he was being generous or something). But it felt like a save and although I was scared for the pretty girl I realized there’s nothing I could have done to help her by being with her anyway.

SeaHawk came back for me! I was just about to say, “My SeaHawk”!!! Oh dear. Sir Liam! What am I to do? I really don’t know what I’ll do when I see Sir Liam again but, you know, it’s very different the way I feel about these two men. Besides, SeaHawk has said he might buy me; he might take me away and Sir Liam has never really promised that. So I don’t think it’s so bad of me feeling these feelings. I hope not anyway.

We chatted for a while but then SeaHawk started to ask me where the Rape Shack is and said that he’d like to bring me there with another girl too and I got scared. I didn’t know what he meant. Had he gone off me? Had I misunderstood? He must have guessed what I was thinking (how does he do that? It’s so weird and very sweet!) because he then reassured me that it would be just him and me together. He said he wanted to take me away for a few days and I told him he’d need to talk to Mr. Negulesco about that because I know for a fact that he can’t just walk me off without signing something, paying something or making some arrangement with Mr. Negulesco first.

I felt really tired and dizzy then, after all the emotions and excitement. I started to faint and SeaHawk was so cute! He told me to rest and relax and that he’d leave me in peace for the moment then be back for me another time soon.

Oh gosh I hope that time is very soon indeed!!!


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