Sexy Photos

Sometimes I look for a photo or image to illustrate what I’m writing; sometimes I see a photo that I love so much I am inspired to write a story about it. Often, I find a picture that I love and want to use but don’t yet have a diary entry or story for. So I have decided to put those images here, waiting, where they can be seen and enjoyed until they are needed. Once I have used them elsewhere on the web site, I’ll remove them from this page and replace with new ones I find as I go along.

To illustrate the posts in Clara’s diary, and the stories and articles in Charlotte’s Stuff, I use pictures from Second Life (taken by myself or by someone else, published here with his or her permission) which I edit to get the right mood for that particular diary entry. I also use photos I buy online. (All photos and text on this website are copyright; please do not take anything without contacting me first.) The photos below are how I see the men and girls at the Gentleman’s Retreat. I have a thing about grey eyes. And eye fucking. And mind fucking.

I probably spend far too much time on these images but they make me feel very good so I have decided it’s worth it. Feel free to put in the comments which types of photos you like the most and want to see more of and which you really don’t like at all. I’m not as desperate for approval as Clara is, but I do like to please…

Sexy handsome male model closeup portrait with modern abstract background and copy space

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