Sir Liam

ShirtSomething wonderful happened last night! Oh, I still can’t believe it! I was talking to a gentleman (ha! That’s a ridiculous title to give the men who come here, but anyway…) I was talking to a man when, to my relief he decided to leave with another girl. Then, from behind me I heard a familiar voice. A soft, yet commanding, voice. A wonderful voice! It was my Sir Liam!!!

I almost didn’t dare turn around, just in case it wasn’t true. I wanted to let the image of him remain for as long as possible, just in case when I did turn around that beautiful image would be shattered by seeing someone else. But no! It was him! I haven’t seen him for so long and he was actually pleased to see me. He greeted me so warmly and joked that he thought I had run away! (ha, again! That would great but, completely impossible of course.)

Sir Liam and I chatted for a short while with another lady and man. They both left (she was rather rude and I was worried she’d get into trouble but thankfully she didn’t) and then Sir Liam told me to follow him outside. I don’t mind when he tells me what to do; he has such a gentle way of commanding me that it doesn’t even seem like he’s giving me orders. Not at all the way most of the other men speak to me.

Once outside, Sir Liam and I went to where there used to be an adorable little garden. It was gone! Such a shame, it was so pretty. But there is a lovely dance floor in its place now so perhaps I may even get to dance there with someone one day. After a short while of walking around and chatting (he remembers everything! It’s so sweet! The time he reduced me from being tied to that awful tree and giving me his shirt. I told him how I had worn the shirt for weeks, washing it every day and letting it dry so I could wear it again the following day. I only stopped wearing it when Mr. Negulesco told me to because it wasn’t sexy enough. But I reassured Sir Liam that I thought it was really sexy! It was his, after all!)

Anyway, we finally found a room with a massage table and my Sir Liam (I really should stop calling him that because of course he isn’t mine at all, but I can’t help it!) stretched out and let me remove his clothes and give him a massage. It was so lovely to touch like that. In a caring way. You  know, without it being scary or sexual or anything. He has such a great body. His muscles aren’t bulging and angry; they are smooth, firm and strong like he could protect me, not hurt me.

Oh! Then, suddenly, Sir Liam pulled me up onto the table with him! After I got my breath back I thought he was going to touch me and use me (and I wouldn’t have minded at all if he had. I hate it when the other men take me but my Sir Liam is different to all the other men!) But he pulled me close to him, hugged me tight and fell asleep! Yes! He feels comfortable enough with me to actually relax and sleep. Either that or I give an amazingly relaxing massage. Or maybe both!

I wanted to stay awake and savor the moment as long as possible but after a short while I felt so wonderfully sleepy and let myself drift off too. Of course, he wasn’t there when I woke up and although that would have been wonderful I wasn’t too disappointed. The evening had been amazing and I went back to my little room with a big smile on my face and a happy glow in my heart 🙂

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