Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday no longer exists, but it was a fun concept that lasted about two years. Authors could post any six sentences from their work and then add the SSS link so that everyone could read and comment on all the posts. It was a great way to get to meet other authors and read a little of their work. The site no longer exists but I believe others have copied the idea and may be around still.

The following SSS is my favorite of the ones I posted on my old website so I’ve copied it onto a page along with the comments.

The following six sentences belong to a short story I started in a fit of frustration a while ago. Finishing the story will have to wait though, as I am currently in very full swing working on my next book!

Enjoy and feel free to comment.


“And stop playing with your teeth!” she shouted as she stood up. “A vampire that has been around for centuries would have probably gotten used to his teeth by now!”

She’d had enough. He was the most gorgeous man she’d ever met – tall, amazing body, brown hair so dark it could have been black and eyes so blue they could have been contact lenses. But it just wasn’t going to work. On the outside he was perfection; inside he was empty.


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    • Charlotte says:

      He’s not really a vampire; he’s dressed up as one but the illusion is far from convincing because he just doesn’t have the right personality for it. At least, not according to his girlfriend!

    • Charlotte says:

      It’s because they are false fangs and he’s not used to them.

      That part of the scene came from reality, in fact. I was once at a fancy dress party were I saw a guy dressed as a vampire. His costume was very impressive and he really made quite a convincing vampire – except for the fact that whenever he wasn’t talking, his tongue was fiddling with his glued on fangs. It occurred to me that a real vampire wouldn’t do that because he’d be used to them by now. (Unless of course he’d only just been made or brought across or whatever, I suppose…)

    • Charlotte says:

      In his girlfriend’s eyes, he is dull. She realizes that even though he is gorgeous and looks incredible dressed as a sexy vampire, he’s not what she needs to be happy.

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