Taun & Santa Claus!

santaviewfinderI’m back!

Okay, as promised here is the post on what happened the other night. As I was saying, I had just had a nasty surprise when I sat on Santa Claus’ lap (the big statue Santa thing in the lobby of the house) and my clothing had all, instantly, fallen off! It was freaky and scary and the weirdest thing of all is that I couldn’t find my things anywhere; Santa had stollen them!

I was so busy frantically looking around for my clothing that I didn’t notice a man watching me. He complimented me on my body, which is nice, but I was so embarrassed. He had a really soft and kind voice and he asked me to follow him to the sofa. Of course I did, but I wasn’t very happy about it. But he continued to be nice to me and then, the biggest surprise of all even after Santa making my clothes vanish into thin air, the man said I could go and look for my clothes and get dressed again and he’d see me some other time soon!!!

I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised I asked him for his name because I knew I’d want to write this up in my diary, and even asked him what he would like me to call him because I wanted to show him as much respect and politesse as possible. He replied, “Taun”.

So you see, that’s the third time I’ve met a nice man here in just a few weeks. Is something changing? Is Mr. Negulsesco making sure only kind, sweet men come to his Retreat? Oh, wow, I hope so! I’d still rather leave, of course, and not have to do things with all these different men, but if it’s the choice between doing things with pleasant men and doing things with horrid men, I know which I’d chose!

So, my old year ended well and my new one has begun wonderfully too!!!

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