The Punishments

Oh no! No no no no no!

I fell asleep. I can’t believe it but it’s true and now I have only a few hours to finish writing up everything that has happened since Taun brought me back to his place. I don’t have time to think. Just write. You can do it, Clara. Just write.

So, where was I when I left off? That’s right. Chained right here, spread eagle on this over-sided cushion.

Taun had left to go sleep and told me to rest in preparation for my punishment. Or rather, my punishments. In the plural. I was sure I would never sleep with that thought looming over me but I must have eventually dropped off because the next thing I remember is the smell of bacon filling my nostrils and when I opened my eyes daylight was streaming into the room.

I tried to move or even just stretch a little but the chains still held me taut. I lifted my head and saw Taun busy in the kitchen. I wanted to call to him but, remembering the rules, stayed silent. The delicious aroma of croissants mingling with the mouthwatering scent of bacon made my stomach start to grumble. I couldn’t believe I actually felt hungry.

Finally Taun walked over and to my relief he was carrying a tray of food. He placed the tray on the floor, tantalizingly close to my mouth, then began to loosen the chains that held my wrists.

“Good morning, baby. Did you sleep well? Actually, I don’t really care. You don’t deserve a good night’s sleep yet. But you will earn that right, don’t worry. Sit up. I’m going to feed you some breakfast and I don’t want you choking on your food.”

I sat up, with a little difficulty as my body ached from lying in exactly the same position all night. I looked with longing at the plate of food.

Taun sat down on the side of the cushion next to me and held the plate on his lap. With a fork, he began to feed me small mouthfuls of bacon, sausage,  and scrambled eggs with buttered toast then helped me take small sips from a glass of delicious, freshly pressed orange juice. I wondered what had happened to the croissants that I could still smell, but of course didn’t dare ask.

“So Clara,” Taun said, as I chewed my food. “Your punishments begin today. You will suffer for what you did to me but paying for your mistakes is not the only reason you are being punished. You need to learn that you belong to me; that I own your body, mind, and soul. You are mine, Clara. You do not get to just walk away and tell some other random guy you love him. You belong with me; to me. Do you understand?”

I nodded. The food, so delicious at first, had now turned to sand in my mouth.

Just then, Taun’s cell phone rang.

He listened for a short while then nodded and said, “Yes, now is fine. I’ll meet you at the door in five minutes.” He hung up and then turned back to me. “Lie down Clara, breakfast is over.”

I did as he said, hoping that the fear growing in my belly wouldn’t cause me to throw up everything I had just eaten. Taun pulled the chains taut so I was once again lying flat and open, then walked to the kitchen taking the tray and what was left of the food with him.

I waited, listening, wondering who had just called. After only a few minutes I heard voices and then steps. Lifting my head I watched as Taun approached with two other men. Despite the obvious impossibility of success, I tried desperately to close my legs, and began struggling in the leather cuffs. The three men stood at my feet, looking me up and down.

“Clara, this is Karl. If you are permitted speech at some point you will address him as Sir Karl. And this, “Taun said with a sneer, indicating the other man. “As I’m sure you remember, is Tyr.”

My heart, that had already begun pounding out of control in my chest was now beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Tyr! The man who had been so awful during that terrible outdoor spanking with Mr. Kozlov. The man whose pleasure and excitement seem to grow in direct proportion to his victim’s pain and suffering.

“Lovely to see you again, Clara.” He was the only one of the three who was actually looking at my face but that didn’t help to reassure me at all. I remembered how he had used that poor girl’s mouth and I shuddered.

“Sir Karl and Sir Tyr will be staying here for the next few days. They have generously offered to help me with your education.” Taun looked at each man in turn and nodded in solemn gratitude. “They will help me teach you that I am the only man who can give you pleasure. I am the only one you will run to for comfort. No more Monster, no more boyfriend. You will see that all other men equal pain and fear and if you want to feel good you will have to be pleasing to me, Clara, and me alone; I am the only man who can make you happy.”

Taun’s words made my blood run so cold I could have sworn it had frozen up completely. But the thudding of my heart as it pounded in my chest told me that I was very much alive and very much going to feel everything that was about to happen to me.

He continued speaking, this time addressing only the men. “As I previously explained, sirs, you may do whatever you like to her while you are a guest under my roof. The only two rules to respect are that everything you do must cause her pain, fear or both; nothing shall be pleasurable to her. And secondly that you do her no permanent damage. I would also like to repeat, so that it is very clear, that this is for Clara’s punishment and training purposes and only while you are staying here in this house. Once you leave here, no man, including yourselves, may lay a finger on her. Do I make myself completely clear?”

The two men nodded. Taun turned back to face me. He looked sad but I didn’t feel sorry for him.

“Oh baby, I wish I didn’t have to do this. You really brought it all on yourself you know. I have things to do and really don’t want to watch you suffer so I’ll leave you now but don’t worry, I trust these two men or I wouldn’t have asked them for their help. Everything is being videoed too for extra security.” He looked up to check the men had heard him say this. “If you are good, if you suffer your punishments bravely, then tonight I will reward you.” He reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear. I used all my strength to not flinch away from his touch. “Please be good for me, baby. I want to show you tonight how good I can make you feel.”

Tears sprang to my eyes. Tears of panic, fear, confusion. He had gone crazy! He was going to leave me with these two sadists and then waltz back after a few hours of continual torture and expect me to accept him in a loving, warm embrace? I would have risked speaking – after all I was going to be punished brutally anyway – but what could I say? What could I possibly say that would make any difference now to my fate?

Taun gave each man a hearty pat on the back as though they were about to go into a challenging business meeting or something and then he walked out of the room. I looked up at the men and began struggling again. Their eyes were filled with lust and I could swear Tyr was drawling as he stared at my mouth, now wide open in disbelief.

“Well, little girl,” said the man I had been instructed to call Sir Karl. “This is going to be fun. Looking forward to it?”

I stared at him. Did he seriously expect me to reply?

“She’s been told not to speak, remember?” Tyr pointed out.

“Ah, yes, of course. Well, I’m sure that won’t last very long. We’ll have you begging for mercy in no time. Oh dear, Taun will be so disappointed when we tell him you’ve been bad and broken the rules. Ah well. Can’t be helped! Okay, Tyr, let’s get started. We only have about five hours and it would be a shame to waste even a minute of it. Wanna go over to the toy box and see what goodies Taun has left us to use on his little doll?”

Tyr did as Karl suggested and came back a few moments later carrying an assortment of metal and leather objects that made my stomach lurch. Taun had forbidden them to do anything that would cause permanent damage but I knew that still left a lot they could do that would cause me a great deal of pain.

As Tyr laid the various gadgets out on the floor Karl looked at me, chewing on his thumb nail, seemingly deep in thought. “She’s cute, isn’t she?”

“What’s that?” Tyr said without looking up.

“Clara. She’s cute.”

I had started to cry. I wanted to get free, to escape from this nightmare, or at least to just somehow fast forward to the end of it. I was so scared.

“Yeah, she’s delicious. I fully intend on using that throat of hers over and over until it’s so sore she won’t be able to talk even if Taun lets her. What bit do you want to start with?”

Bit? I felt like a animal at the butcher’s separated into different cuts of meat.

Karl was still looking at me, a strange expression on his face now that I couldn’t quite read.

When Karl didn’t answer the question, Tyr stood up and looked at him. “What’s the matter? You’re not having second thoughts are you? It’s okay; she’s just a Retreat slut. She belongs to Carlo and Taun’s going to try and buy her or something but in any case she’s just fuck meat. There’s nothing we can do to her that she hasn’t already experienced many times before. She’ll scream and stuff but she probably likes it really, don’t you?”

Tyr sat down on the cushion next to my face. He leaned in close, so close I could smell him and I almost taste him. My breath caught in my throat. With one hand he suddenly grabbed a fistful of hair close to my scalp and held my head so I couldn’t move. With the index finger of his free hand he began to slowly trace a line around my lips.

“My friend Karl here is having doubts about what we’re going to do to you. Now, I think I am right in saying that if Taun returns tonight to find anything other than one very abused girl and two very satisfied men, he will be extremely angry and disappointed. I think it might be a good idea for you to put that pretty mouth of yours to good use and make sure that Karl knows you feel you deserve everything that is coming to you and you are more than happy for us two to administer your sentence. And don’t worry about the no speaking rule. You’ll be breaking it later anyway and this is a direct order so… speak.”

I looked back and forth between the two men. Karl looked a little paler than he had when he first arrived and he was definitely not at ease. I suddenly realized he was my only hope!

“Please… Sir Karl…” I looked up at him through my tears and although I didn’t think of him as Sir anything, I wanted to try and please him. “I… I didn’t do anything wrong! I don’t know what Taun has told you but none of it is my fault! I was found sleepwalking; I didn’t leave him! I’m not in love with anyone at the Retreat; I was tricked! Please help me! I’m so scared. I don’t deserve to be punished because I didn’t do anything wrong! Please don’t hurt me.”

“Oh you stupid little girl.” Tyr was shaking his head slowly. “What do you think Taun is going to do when he sees all that on the video?” Then he turned to Karl and smiled. “You see, she does want it. She’s getting herself in trouble on purpose. And anyway, who cares? Think of it this way. She’s going to suffer today and you can either be a part of it or not. It won’t make any difference to her but why would you throw away the chance of abusing these tasty titties?”

As he said this, he gave each of my nipples a hard flick, making me cry out and begin struggling again. I looked at Karl in desperation but his eyes seemed to have glazed over and his face was no longer pale but flushed with obvious excitement. Tyr caught on quickly and began pinching and pulling at my nipples then slapping my breasts till I was screaming and begging him to stop. Then suddenly, Karl swooped down on me like a vulture, a large, hot hand on one breast and his mouth on the other. I cried out in pain and heard Tyr laugh.

“I’m sorry sweetie, it seems that Karl’s resolve has weakened. Nice try though. Good job Taun told me about his friend’s penchant for nipple torture. It seems that although we’re both allowed to use your pussy and ass – and fully intend on doing so – Taun has found a clever way to insure that those parts of your body don’t get as much abuse as the others. As you know, I myself have quite a thing for a slut’s mouth. But don’t worry if you’ve forgotten; I’ll refresh your memory.” Then he looked at Karl, “Hey, when you come up for air next, don’t forget that there are some nice nipple clamps and stuff right here.”

I was feeling faint. I tried to tell myself that Taun had said the men weren’t to cause me any permanent damage but it felt as though Karl was biting into one nipple with his teeth and ripping the other one off with his fingernails.

Suddenly Karl looked up at me, his face was bright red now and he was panting, “I’m so sorry babe, I know you’re frightened and what we’re going to do to you is gonna hurt like hell. I wish I was a better man but… I’m not. Your hot little body all tied up here, your perky tits just calling to me. It’s more than I can resist. And, like Tyr says, he’d be doing all this to you anyway so, I may as well enjoy you too. You’re not going to suffer any more or less because I’m here and in fact Taun would be angry with you if I left so, I’m actually doing you a favor!”

And with that ridiculous justification Karl fell back on top of me, his hand and mouth bringing me to screams of agony once again.

“Oh fuck Karl, you’re really making her scream! It’s so hot. And such a shame to shut her up but I’m afraid I’m going to have to gag her with my big fat cock.”

And then Tyr was deep in my throat, blocking my air supply until I was sure I would pass out. He finally pulled out enough for me to breathe and then rammed back into my mouth. I closed my eyes but he slapped me hard across the face.

“Look at me! I want to see the tears and pain in your eyes. Fuck that’s such a turn on!”

I did as he told me, staring into his evil eyes as he leered down at me, pumping in and out of my mouth. It wasn’t long before he was obviously about to come.

“Oh fuck, take it all bitch, take it all down your throat like a good slut!”

He was so deep in my throat that I barely tasted a thing as he let out a loud grunt and came. I was thankful that he had finished at last but now the pain of what Karl was doing to my breasts came back to me in full force and I started screaming again.

“Hey Karl, let’s take a break. I’m hungry. Wanna get something to eat and then come back for more of her?”

I saw Karl stand up but my nipples were so sore I could have sworn he was still on them.

“Yeah sure, okay. Not like she’s going anywhere! Hang on though, just to make sure these little titties don’t forget me…” Karl bent down to look through the things that Tyr had placed on the floor earlier. “Yes, these will do nicely.” I looked at the clamps in absolute horror. Taun knows how sensitive my nipples are, he knows Karl has a thing for hurting a girl’s nipples, and he chose these particular clamps with evil metal teeth knowing very well that Karl would use them on me.

“No please, please no, no no no no, please, please, please no…”

“Oh she’s so cute!” Tyr teased crouching inches in front of my face.

I looked past him at Karl, my eyes begging and pleading him for just a tiny amount of mercy. He seemed to hesitate.

Tyr stood up and said, “Don’t let her get to you. Taun warned us that she’s a manipulative bitch. She deserves this and you know it. He risked his life for her and then she walked out on him and into bed with some other guy five minutes later. If you don’t want to put the clamps on her I will. She’ll suffer anyway. But wouldn’t you rather be the one she’s looking at with those big doe eyes when you slowly close the clamps on her poor, delicate nipples.”

“He’s right, sweetie. I’m sorry, I don’t want you to suffer, really I don’t but… it’s just so fucking hot when you do.”

I pulled away as far as I could, which wasn’t anywhere at all, as Karl reached towards one of my nipples. They were both so sore and tender now I didn’t think I could take any more pain but I was going to. He pinched the nipple hard, pulling it outward and then one clamp was on. I thought I was going to pass out. My vision was grainy and black and I couldn’t focus. One of the men slapped me hard across the face.

“Hey, that’s rude! Karl here is doing stuff to you and you’re not even paying attention. Look at his artwork.” He lifted my head, forcing me to look at my breasts. One nipple was clamped and there was a chain hanging from that clamp. Then Karl took the other clamp and held it close to my free nipple.

“Don’t want the other one to get jealous.” I groaned as the other nipple was clamped too. “So fucking sexy!” Karl said under his breath and then he gave the chain a sudden hard yank.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s passed out. Come on, I’m starving, let’s eat then we can both fuck her after lunch.”

~ ~ ~

I coughed and spluttered, not understanding why my face was very cold and soaking wet. I looked up. Tyr was standing over me holding a now empty bucket. And then I saw Karl.

He grinned as he thrust in and out of me with a slow, steady rhythm. “Sorry to start while you were still asleep. You were just too hot like that, all tied up with your tits clamped and stuff, but I’m glad you woke up ’cause otherwise you wouldn’t feel it when I do this.”

I had only just begun to come around. I heard myself scream. Karl had one hand on the chain that hung between the two nipple clamps and he was yanking on it in time with his thrusts.

“Oh yeah, so hot! So. Fucking. Hot.” He shouted as he came, pumping hard and fast into me and with each thrust he pulled down firmly on the chain. I was sure I was going to faint again.

“Move over, my turn now!” Tyr said as he pushed Karl out of the way. “Hey, gimme those clamps, I think they’d look great down here. What do you think?”

I wished I could faint again. Tyr took the nipple clamps off but I guessed where they were going and tried to struggle but I was so exhausted that even if the chains hadn’t been holding me, I don’t think I could have moved.

“I was right!” Tyr said as the pain shot up from my labia all the way through my body as though someone were shooting needles into every part of me over and over again.

“Yeah, but now her tits are all lonely. Hey, I know!”

A few moments later Karl was cradling my head with his hand, lifting it so I could see what he had done to me. The pain intensified when I saw about a dozen wooden pegs dotted in various places over my breasts. One on each nipple, of course, and then several others all biting into their own little piece of my poor, delicate skin.

I think Tyr used me then. The rest of the day is a blur of pain and more pain and I think I must have been unconscious for some of it. At some point Karl took the pegs off and began slapping my breasts over and over with a paddle while Tyr used my mouth again. And I remember Tyr telling me to lick him and get him really wet because then he wouldn’t rip my ass up as much when he used me there. I tried to get him as wet as I could but it still hurt so badly when he entered me. I suppose that the rule against not causing permanent harm didn’t extend to damage that takes weeks or even months to heal.

~ ~ ~

Soft hands, gently stroking my hair. A warm, kind voice speaking. “I’m home baby. Shhhh, it’s okay, I’m home now. No more pain today.”

I realized I was sobbing and that Taun was sitting next to me on the cushion stroking my head.

“I watched some of the video while you were resting just now. You did quite well but not well enough of course to earn any type of reward. I expect better tomorrow. But I am not too disappointed in you, Clara, as I know it was a lot for the first day. You may rest a little more now and then you will be permitted to eat, drink and clean up. I’ll help you put any creams or ointments on your skin that you may need. Go back to sleep now baby. Sleep.”

I was so exhausted I barely heard most of what Taun said and very quickly drifted off again.

The next day the men decided they wanted to whip me and so I was tied the other way up on the cushion, still completely spread eagle but now on my tummy. I didn’t feel quite so vulnerable like this but knowing they would be whipping me took away any relief that feeling could have given.

Of course Karl complained about not having access to my breasts and Tyr decided that my mouth wasn’t as available as he would like and so that was the only day I spent on my tummy. Without their favorite body parts to play with the men were especially cruel and I was whipped so badly that I heard Taun gasp when he saw me that evening and swear at the men, warning them that if any of the marks left a scar he’d kill them.

The other days I was chained tightly, lying on my back, with the platform in various different configurations so that I was either completely flat, or had my hips or chest or head raised higher. Each variation offered the men a different angle and thrill but the worse one for me was when my head was raised because it was almost impossible to avoid seeing everything that was going to happen and currently happening and that made it much more frightening and painful. They realized I hated that one most and so the last few days I was always in that position.

After the first few days – I’m honestly not sure how many – I learned that nothing I could say or do would help and so I had somehow managed to not say a word and the only sounds that left my lips were screams of agony. Taun decided that I was his ‘brave little girl” and that I had earned a few rewards. He let me sleep with the chains loosened to allow enough slack for me to move around freely on the cushion while still being very much attached to it.

After a few more nights he came home beaming at me declaring that he had been watching the video and I had done so well that I had now earned his pleasure. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I quickly realized that he was going to make love to me.

At first, the idea of anyone touching me was horrifying. Even the man I had once been almost so very nearly in love with. But of course I didn’t have the choice and absolutely didn’t want to anger or upset Taun so I tried my best to smile and welcome his attentions with enthusiasm.

He went very, very slowly, stopping each time I gasped or moaned, asking if I was okay. He made it very clear that he was going to do what he pleased with me, but that he wanted me to enjoy it and feel good. The first couple of nights I was too scared and still in too much pain from the punishments to allow myself to let go. He was very patient, touching, kissing and licking me so softly, and when my body didn’t respond he said it was okay. By about the third night I began to trust him and after a while, so in need of feeling something that wasn’t pain, I started to relax. Taun was delighted. He made me come several times before deciding I had had enough.

And that was my life for the next few weeks. During the day Tyr and Karl would make me scream in pain and then some time in the afternoon Taun would return and make me feel good. I knew that he was trying to rewire my brain to associate him with pleasure and all other men with pain – he had told me that’s what he was going to do – but being aware of the fact didn’t make me any less immune to it.

It was working.

When Taun came home each day just after Tyr and Karl had left, he would loosen the chains and tell me to sit up. Then he would sit in the armchair opposite and ask me the same question.

“Tell me exactly what you have learned today, Clara. Why are you being punished? What are the punishments teaching you?”

At first I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to say but gradually, by trial and error, I got it right and by the end of however many days or weeks it was, I was parroting the same responses.

“I have learned today that if I am bad I will be punished and will feel pain and if I am good I will be rewarded and will feel good.”

“That’s correct. And what else.”

“That running away from you and telling another man I love him was a very bad thing to do and I deserve to be punished for that and I will never do it again.

“Go on.”

“I belong to you. I am yours. All other men will hurt me but only you can make me feel good.”

“And would you like me to make you feel good now, Clara? Do you think you have earned that reward?”

“Yes please, Taun. I was brave for you today. I gladly suffer the pain of my daily punishments knowing that it is nothing compared to the pain I caused you. Thank you for teaching me the truth; thank you for letting me pay for my mistakes; thank you for giving me the chance to earn my reward. Please make me feel good.”


Oh my dear, sweet friend. I did it! I finished writing everything before sunrise. But only just. I probably only have a couple hours to sleep now and I really need them so I will sign off and let you sleep too. See you after the meeting with Mr. Negulesco.

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