The Slave Pens of Utopia

BDSM erotic storiesAfter the initial shock had worn off, I grew to quite enjoy living in Utopia Nishi’s house. Well, harem really. He was very good to all his girls and I got on so well with some of them that it actually, believe it or not, never even occurred to me to be upset or jealous that I wasn’t his only one. After all, I had never thought of him as my boyfriend or my lover and by the time I realized I was in love with him, he was whisking me off to his luxurious country manor.

And I had lots of time to think about how lucky I was. Anything I wanted or needed I was given and I could do whatever I pleased as long I stayed within the grounds. Utopia didn’t like his girls to leave the property but the house and gardens were so expansive that despite living there for over two years I doubt I saw everything.

Utopia only had a few rules for us to obey, therefore the new one like me quickly got the hang of things. There were probably about twenty of us at any one time as girls would come and go. He called us his slaves and we had to call him Master and kneel at his feet (which I found rather silly and it often made me giggle which didn’t amuse Utopia at all!) But those were really the only rules he had. He liked variety so we were all very different in looks and personality and he made the most of that. He would provide us with lavish clothes so that we could dress up as we pleased. It was like being a child in fancy dress again! I had some gorgeous gowns and some really cute dresses. Other girls were very much into the slave silk thing and would glide around the house wearing flowing layers of color, the tiny bells on their ankle chains jingling as they moved.

I remember one evening when Utopia had chosen his girls for the night and a small group of us were lounging around in the sumptuous living room area, chatting and watching the fire crackling in the hearth. I had wished I had a camera to take a photo because it suddenly made me think that we looked like a fancy dress party. There was a half-naked dancing girl (who could do the splits which has always really impressed me), a sexy school girl who looked very under-age (although I knew that she wasn’t), a curvaceous blonde bombshell (who was so funny I was worried she’d think I was flirting with her because she always made me laugh so much), a smartly-dressed business woman with fake glasses, fake posh accent and fake long hair (who wasn’t very nice to me so I don’t know much about her as I tried to avoid her as much as possible). It seemed as though Utopia was trying to collect every cliche in the book.

Of course, not all of us girls liked sharing Utopia. Some had been brought here under rather false pretenses and it took them a lot longer than me to get used to the fact that they weren’t the only light to make Utopia’s heart shine. Some never really got used to it and so they left. Yes, although Utopia called us his slaves, we were actually free to leave his company if we wanted to. But if we left, we couldn’t ever come back. I really liked him, as a man and as a friend, so I was happy to stay. I can understand though that the women who thought he was their only love would feel too jealous and possessive and would prefer just to leave.

And with so many of us, with such different personalities, there were many fights, squabbles, and unpleasant disagreements. But Utopia never intervened. He told us that we’re all adults and we should sort it out between ourselves. And most of the time we did. Those who couldn’t take it just left. It was, now I think about it, probably a good way of keeping the natural order because, without him having to tell us who was who, we automatically fell into a sort of rank. Utopia did have one real, legal wife, who was always his first girl. She made a lot of the decisions too and although she would always, in front of us anyway, appear to be bowing to his authority, I had a feeling that she ruled him a little more than he would like to admit. But after Mrs. Nishi, us girls would often be fighting to become one of his top three.

The top three had very special privileges and, because our whole lives revolved around living for Utopia and we had nothing else to do, I suppose the challenge to get to the top and then stay there was a sort of sport. One which had wonderful prizes. Utopia would take his top three on outings outside the mansion. Sometimes we’d all go together; other times he’d just choose one of us. We were really spoiled! If you were one of his girls you could ask him for anything and you might well get it, but if you were one of his top three, you’d have what you wanted waiting for you the very next morning. He would also reserve his most intense, pleasurable, and intimate nights for his favorites. He’d call for his other girls every now and then, and use them for sex, and it was good, but oh! it was nothing like what he would do to and for his top three slaves!!! I realize now that Utopia did this on purpose; it must have amused him to watch us scrabble to become one of his favorites. But he was a very intelligent man and I know he’d watch us, observe us, not just to get excited at seeing his lovely ladies squabbling over him but also to figure out our personalities and how we worked. He treated us all very differently. He knew what made us happy, sad, scared, angry. He could play us against each other if he chose and sometimes he did that. If a girl stayed beyond the six month mark it was a sign she would probably stay a lot longer and that was the time most girls really started to become interested in dethroning one of the current top three.

I cannot deny the pride I feel when I tell you that I was, for a while, his top girl. It took me almost a year to get to be in the favored three but I didn’t make it past third place for another year. I’ll remember my whole life the day Utopia told me of my “promotion”. He had called for me and I went to him in his study where he was sitting behind the large wooden desk. His wife was standing next to him. She was naked and although she was about ten years older than most of us girls she looked stunning. Her body was well toned and her long, dark hair fell softly in gentle waves down her back reaching almost to her bottom. I found her face to be a little too severe to really look beautiful but her eyes were so dark and deep and her smile so mysterious that I could see why Utopia found her sexy.

“We have some exciting news for you, Clara my dear.” I remember Utopia’s warm, sexy voice drift across the air as I knelt obediently on the floor in front of his desk. I was second at that point, and had almost given up hope of ever getting to that coveted first place because Angelina, his current favorite, was so sweet, gorgeous, and well behaved.

“That’s right, Clara.” Mrs. Nishi said, continuing from where her husband had left off. “Angelina is leaving us very soon and you have proven yourself to be a worthy contestant for her position. Would you like to try?”

I remember looking first at Utopia, and being more concerned about where Angelina was going and why, than of my promotion or testing. He was so very fond of her! His face looked sad and for a moment it occurred to me that Angelina may be leaving because Mrs. Nishi had desired it. But, I decided, that wasn’t my problem. I liked Angelina too but there were other girls here I liked just as much and now I would finally have a chance to be the Favorite Girl!

I looked back to Mrs. Nishi and smiled as softly and sweetly as I could. “Yes, Ma’am, I would very much like to try for that, if it pleased you and Mr. Nishi.”

“It does. Therefore you may begin right away. You are to go to the Sex Suite and get undressed. On the bed you will find a blindfold. Tie it securely over your eyes and wait for us.”

I looked back at Utopia and he nodded. His small frown from earlier had become a large, warm grin that made me glow. I’ll alway remember the way he smiled at me.

I rose and made a little curtsey before turning and leaving the room. We weren’t expected to bow or curtsey but it was something I had always done with Utopia, for some reason, and he had once told me he found it sweet and charming and he liked it so I always did it.

On my way to the bedroom I wondered about Mrs. Nishi’s words. “… and wait for us.” Us? Obviously Utopia played with his wife and he played with his girls but I had never seen any evidence of his wife and his girls playing together. Was that part of the test, the initiation into the place of Favorite Girl? My heart beat began to race at the idea of what I would be doing in just a short while. I wasn’t scared; I knew Utopia wouldn’t hurt me. But I wanted him to be proud of me, to be excited by me, to want me. And his wife scared me a little. She was kind; she had never done or said anything mean or hurtful to me. But what would this evening hold? I didn’t know for sure that I would have to do anything with her. She was just going to be there but she may not want to touch or be touched. I had never even kissed a girl before although I knew that a couple of Utopia’s girls were very, very into that and would spend a great deal of intimate time together when he wasn’t with them. And even when he was, sometimes. But although I had been curious, the curiosity had never been strong enough, I suppose, to really do anything about.

Entering the room, I saw the blindfold on the bed. I removed my clothes and left them neatly folded on a chair. I put the blindfold on and sat on the bed, waiting…

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