I looked up and he was there.

The first time he had only stayed a few bitter-sweet moments. The second, a little longer, but he was gone by the time I reached him. Each time I got a tiny bit more, but each time it was over too soon.

I never knew when I would see him next and the wait was painful but I filled it by planning ways to make him stay just a little longer.

And this time I would have him.

“He’s not there you know.” I spun around and as soon as I did so I realized my mistake. I didn’t even bother to look back; I knew he would be gone. I stared angrily at the faceless woman standing in my dream and I cried.

I had to wait several weeks for the next time to come, but when it did I was ready.

“He’s not there you know. When you wake up, he’ll be just as dead as he was when you fell asleep.”

With my eyes still fixed on my husband’s beautiful face, I replied softly, “I know he will. But the memory won’t.”

The woman vanished and my husband and I made love.


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